The Mike Moore Ministries team recently had the privilege of sitting down with Mike Moore to discuss the inspiration and insights behind his latest book, Help! My Mind Is Under Attack. With over four decades of pastoral experience, Moore brings a wealth of knowledge and personal wisdom to the table.

The Origin Story

“It goes back to my time as a pastor,” Moore begins, reflecting on his career. “I pastored for 42 years and eight months. During those years, God taught me that every person has five basic needs: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social.”

Moore’s journey in ministry wasn’t just about delivering sermons; it was about deeply understanding and addressing the needs of his congregation. “In my attempt to lead my congregation to a fulfilled life, I noticed a recurring theme,” he shares. “Many of the problems my members faced, and people in general faced, were tied to mental health—their mind, their thinking.”

This realization was a pivotal moment for Moore. “Our mental health impacts every area of our life,” he explains. “It affects how we think, our emotions, our decision-making, and how we handle pressures in life.”

Moore’s understanding of mental health wasn’t limited to his professional life; it also influenced his personal relationships. “I learned this in my marriage,” he says. “Mental health impacts how we relate to others. To help my members, I had to address this mental area.”

Drawing from his extensive experience and deep understanding of Scripture, Moore authored Help! My Mind Is Under Attack. This book serves as a practical guide for achieving good mental health through faith. “Throughout the book, you’ll find ways to apply the teachings to your life through simple, step-by-step guides,” he explains.

Help! My Mind Is Under Attack is designed to help readers:

  • Understand thought patterns that cause mental fatigue.
  • Recognize spiritual attacks on the mind through worry and discouragement.
  • Replace negative thoughts with Scripture-based truths.

“We need to understand that thought management is our responsibility,” Moore emphasizes. “It’s not God’s job to manage our thoughts, because that’s where satan attacks. We must take responsibility for our minds.”

Moore’s message is clear: in the battle for mental health, we are not passive observers but active participants. Through faith and deliberate action, we can safeguard our minds against negativity and despair.

As our conversation concluded, Moore’s words left a lasting impact. For anyone seeking guidance and strength in their mental health journey, Help! My Mind Is Under Attack is a must-read resource, offering hope and practical advice from a seasoned pastor who has dedicated his life to the service of others.

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Help! My Mind Is Under Attack: Mike Moore Narrates New Audiobook