Mike Moore’s ministry has impacted countless lives over the past 4 decades. Loving God and loving people remain the reason WHY Mike continues to serve the Kingdom and equip the body of Christ! 

The Mike Moore Ministries mobile app is a game-changer, because it offers a simplistic way to access, understand, and deep dive into God’s Word in a practical way. I love studying to understand at a deeper level and this app provides the resources for me to do just that. So, if you desire to grow in God’s Word, access a Biblical blueprint to winning in life, and evolve as a person, the Mike Moore Ministries mobile app is a vital tool and resource on your spiritual growth journey.

–Yakinea Marie, Founder and CEO of SheCEO Global, LLC.

Wow! The Mike Moore Ministries mobile app is definitely on my must-have list. As a Senior Pastor constantly on the go, the app’s user-friendly and organized content makes it really easy to navigate through fun and inspiring life changing messages. Whether you are a seasoned life learner or a young aspiring leader, this app is a great resource with relevant content. Real talk, if you are looking to find practical Biblical insight on a variety of subjects you will find it on the Mike Moore Ministries mobile app.

–Pastor Sean Edwards, Empowerment Word Church

Let me tell you about the Mike Moore Ministries mobile app that has been a game-changer for me. As someone constantly on the go, the app’s on-demand access to podcast has been a true blessing. This app has become an essential part of my spiritual growth and Bible study journey. If you’re looking for practical life answers from the Word of God as well as a way to dive deeper into God’s Word, the Mike Moore Ministries app is a must-have companion on your spiritual journey.

–Pastor Vincent Robinson, Right Way Christian Center Church

I was introduced to the teaching ministry of Mike Moore back in 2002 after having been away from the local church for over 12 years and crying out to God during a low place in my life. I told God, “If you will show me that this stuff my grandmother tried to teach me actually works, I will serve you for the rest of my days! Well, the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” is true.

Through this teaching ministry I have experienced a complete life turnaround. I learned some critical lessons from his sermons like “How God Speaks”, which teaches you how to recognize and follow God’s voice. In “Keys To A Fruitful Life,” Mike helps you to identify any area in your life that’s suffering and turn it around through God’s Word, and teaches how to overcome life’s challenges such as grief or health issues. I have learned that “The Word of God IS THE ANSWER” FOR REAL- to any of life’s challenges. Finally, I learned that God wants me to prosper in every area (spirit, soul, body, socially, and financially) because it is from that platform of success and love that people are drawn to Christ.

–Minister Cherinita Reese

I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been under the tutelage of Pastor Mike. Through his teachings, I have learned how to go to God’s Word to make it applicable and relatable to my life. The way Dr. Moore teaches the Word makes it “livable!”

While Pastor Mike has authored many books, The God of Abundance is one of my favorites because it served as a catalyst for changing my mindset and letting me know that, as a believer, “more is possible!”

–Tiffany Logan

I’m experiencing a day that matches a sermon title (one of many) that has guided me to experience all that God has for me in every area of my life. That title is “Change and Move With the Cloud”. Not only have I grown spiritually from what I’ve been taught, I’ve grown in other areas of my life as well. I can remember the first sermon that truly impacted my life entitiled “I Love You God, it’s People I Can’t Stand”. Over the years I have learned what it means to truly fall in love with people and want to see them manifest God’s reality in their lives as well. Your sermon on “Weep Not” had me walking in a level of peace after my mom passed that my coworkers would walk by my desk to see if I was laughing from hysteria or if I was still listening to “my Pastor”. Each time, I WAS listening to your messages. Dr. Moore, I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate all that you’ve sown in my life through God’s word, in your examples, and by your actions.

–Tracy Colvin

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