God will not command us to do anything that was not possible through his power. If we give God all our worries and all of our cares, then we do not have them. If we don’t have them, then we’re living a peaceful life.

Philippians 4:6-7 (NLT) Don’t worry about anything (small or big). If we’re not worried about anything then we’re living an anxiety-free life.

What does a worry-free life look like?

John 14:27 (KJV) God is leaving His peace with us. Not the peace that the world can give, but only peace that He can give. God’s peace is different from the world’s peace.

So how will we know we have God’s peace and not the world’s peace? You will know that it’s God’s peace when your peace exceeds anything that is normal, usual, typical, or expected.

Are you walking in the world’s peace or God’s peace?

3-Fold Effects of God’s Peace

1. We’re able to make wise and Bible-based decisions in the heat of the battle, no matter how intense the battle lasts.

2. God keeps the trouble outside of us. Peace keeps the trouble from getting on the inside of you. (John 16:33)

3. Walking in God’s peace is a vital part of our witness. It’s not just reading the Bible and quoting it, we must act on it! We are to be a living example.

Examples of God’s Peace 

Mark 4:37-38 (MSG) Now put yourself into Jesus’ place. You’re in this boat crossing the lake, and a huge storm comes up and the waves are pouring into the boat and threatening to sink it. What is typical, normal, usual, and expected in this situation? How would YOU respond? 

Acts 12:1-6 (MSG) Even though Peter was shackled to two soldiers, Peter slept like a baby. Put yourself in Peter’s place. What is the normal, typical, and usual reaction in this situation?

“It is possible to have peace all the time, no matter what is happening in your life.” – Mike Moore