Whenever a person discovers and accepts their purpose, then their potential is also there. Your potential is predetermined by your purpose. God determined this before you were even born.


Here are Five Keys to Realizing and Releasing Your Potential:

1. Position
In order to realize and release, you have to be in the right position. This has to do with being connected with others who are also fulfilling their purpose. Other connections will sharpen you. They will encourage, confront, and hold you accountable along the journey.

2. Environment
Your environment has to do with the type of place that something/someone is positioned. This is important because potential is like a seed. So, the environment of the seed/soil will determine whether the seed will grow or die (e.g. Home environment, church environment, school environment, professional environment, etc).

3. Exposure
Exposure is experiencing something (or someone) operating above you or your experience. It’s important to expose yourself around others so that you can fall in line with your purpose.

4. Time
There are two types of time Kronos and Kairos. One that can be measured and one that can be experienced. Kronos time is a specific amount of time (e.g. minutes, seconds, years). There are seasons of life or time. There must be a season of time before you can realize and release your potential. Another type of time is called Kairos. Kairos is time that cannot be measured. It’s a special, unique, or significant moment of time. This is a moment of time orchestrated by God, designed to usher you into another level… but it requires prompt action on your part.

5. Work/Demand
Work has to do with the demand for your potential to be released. It’s a demand on your potential. When God is developing us and moving us into purpose, and assisting us in releasing our potential, usually there are some kind of assignments that are involved. He connects us with someone/something including a variety of responsibilities.


“Remember, wherever there is purpose, there is potential.”
— Mike Moore