Our health plays a tremendous role in our overall quality of life. When we encounter sickness and/or disease, it hinders our ability to enjoy life to the fullest and how God intended us to live. We spend thousands on healthcare in an effort to become and remain healthy. In the midst of sickness, our healing becomes top priority because no other aspect of our existence can be completely enjoyed until we are healed of our infirmities.

God never intended for you to be sick. He wants you well. God wants you healed and His desire is that you receive His healing and keep it. Here are 5 steps on HOW TO receive your healing:

1. Ask God for what you want, in Jesus’ name

Look for Scriptures that speak to your specific need(s), understanding that God’s Will is found in His Word. While praying, talk to God about what you DESIRE and not the PROBLEM. Speak your desires based on His Word and not your need; this is done by putting God in remembrance of His Word.

2. Believe you receive when you pray

You must believe in your heart that what you desire is YOURS to have.

3. Guard your mind against doubt

Protect your mind from uncertainty, which is the thief of God’s blessings. His Word overrides logic and can eliminate the illness in your body. Adverse circumstances and contrary thoughts are the devices of Satan, designed to rob you of your faith in God. Implementing the Law of Meditation (on God’s Word) is a great protective shield against negative thoughts.

4. Constantly thank GOD for the answer and what He’s done in your life

His praises should always be in your mouth. Thanksgiving is a welcome mat for continued blessings!

5. Make sure that your words and actions are aligned with your prayer!

Throughout the day, if you find yourself speaking against what you’re believing, change your thinking and your speaking immediately!