Things you experienced as a child can affect you as an adult. Rejection is the sense or feeling of not being truly wanted, accepted, valued, or loved. Are you sensing that you’re dealing with rejection?

Here are 9 Signs of Rejection:

1. You believe you’re not worthy of love.

2. You find it difficult to allow people to get close to you.

3. You have a hard time trusting people and sharing your feelings.

4. You have a tendency to get defensive when receiving feedback.

5. You easily make negative assumptions about what others are thinking about you.

6. You find it difficult to compromise.

7. You’re a people pleaser.

8. You never feel like you’re good enough and the feeling of not being good enough leads you into control and perfectionism.

9. You’re comfortable criticizing others while at the same time promoting yourself.

Most people are going to feel some form of rejection.

Rejection is rooted from:

1. Parental Failure — relating to abandonment, unemotional relationships

2. Peer Ridicule — some kids/individuals are ridiculed because of the way they dress, talk, giftedness, or their intelligence

3. Relationship Failure — infidelity, betrayal, divorce, or hurt in relationships

4. Abuse — any form; physical, verbal, sexual, or physiological abuse

5. A Physical Condition — birth defects, disabilities… things that are outside of our control

6. A Life Event — death of a loved one, job termination, or church hurt

7. Prejudice — racial, gender, ethnic

Remember, people’s opinion of you ONLY matters to the degree that you need their acceptance.


Remedies of Rejection:

1. Base your sense of worth/value on God’s perfect love for you.

2. Find your security in the fact that God will never reject you.

3. Understand that as a Christian, if you’re a believer, rejection is inevitable.

4. Choose not to allow rejection to define you.


Father in the name of Jesus, we confess the Word of God dwells in us richly. Your Word shall not depart from out of our mouths. We mediate in your Word day and night. We diligently act on your Word; therefore, we are prosperous and have good success. We exalt and esteem your Word.

We give the Word first place in our lives. We make our schedule around Your Word! Your Word is Truth and forever settled in Heaven; therefore, we establish Your Word upon this Earth. Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. It is quick and powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword. We have hidden Your Word in our hearts that we might not sin against You. We plant the Incorruptible Seed of Your Word in our hearts. It is abiding in our spirits, growing in us mightily, and producing Your nature in our lives.

Satan, we bind you. We will not allow you to steal, hinder, or cause us to reject the Word of God. We have life, happiness, joy, and peace because we believe with our hearts and say with our mouths, “The Word of God is the answer.”